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New, part-time internships are available through Penn State’s Sustainability Institute. 

The Sustainability Institute, founded in 2012, integrates sustainability into the University’s research, teaching, outreach, and operations to prepare students, faculty, and staff to be sustainability leaders.

 A collection of Penn State research institutes and the College of Medicine have announced seed grant funding for innovative and collaborative research projects in the area of health and the environment. Penn State researchers from all campuses are invited to submit proposals for funding of pilot research projects. Pre-proposals are due by Feb. 15, 2018.

One day a polar bear shows up at Sophia's house asking if it can come inside. Its habitat melted and the bear needs a new home.

Penn State announced a new collection process for batteries used for University-related business. For safety reasons, rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries can no longer be collected together in the current bucket collection system.

About halfway between Highway 6 and the Atlantic Ocean, in the heart of the Province Lands sand dunes, my nose was nearly touching the ground as I squinted through a hand lens. A carpet of vegetation spread before me, and through the tiny magnifying glass, I saw them. Antlers. I was looking at reindeer lichen.

Issues of global health may be in our backyards. That was one takeaway of a student minoring in global health who embarked on a different kind of fieldwork with his peers this summer. “Global health can be in your backyard,” said Steve Hanna, a rising senior majoring in biobehavioral health. “While living with and studying the Ojibwe, a Native American people, we saw communities, here in the United States, that are struggling with issues people may think only happen in underserved populations overseas.”
It isn’t often that a student receives a standing ovation for missing class, but that’s what met Penn State Behrend student Seun Babalola when he walked into his public speaking course on March 20.

Upon entering the new Happy Valley LaunchBox headquarters, visitors are greeted with a quote from Helen Keller that reads “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”