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Have you ever wondered why some ideas stick and others don't? Step one is getting people's attention and then inspiring them to take action. Have you stuggled with how to talk about climate change? With the guides, activities and examples we've included in this section, your Team will be able to create enticing messages to engage your audience and prepare for talking about climate change, making an impact in the process.

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What is Global Warming, explained in 90 seconds

Katherine Hayhoe narrates this short video explaining global warming in simple terms, demonstrating best practices in using metaphors and framing.

Earth DNA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT has created a toolkit to help students talk to others about climate change. This 45 minute video demonstrates to the participant the evidence of climate change, where it is happening, and how to talk with peers, engaging them in conversation.

Katherine Hayhoe: "Fighting Cimate Change by Talking about it."

Katherine Hayhoe is an evangelical christian and a atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University where she is director of the Climate Science Center. She also helps create tools for helping people understand climate change, such as her Global Weirding animated videos. In this TEdTalk video, Hayhoe describes talking about climate change by building off common experiences. She also wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times explaining that she surprises people when she claims that she does not "believe" in climate change because it is not a belief system. Read on to learn her reasoning for this claim.


Piano Stairs

An incredible example of The Fun Theory — changing people's behaviors by having fun! In this case, urging people to make the healthier choice, and take the stair due to their musical talents!

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Bottle Bank Arcade

Behavior change can be achieved through fun and games — it's known as the Fun Theory. Check it out in action!

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Caught Green-Handed

See what a few friends did at Denver International Airport on America Recycles Day to reward those who are helping the cause!

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Why Would IBM Conserve Energy?

Check our IBM's commercial, explaining why they are so on-board with sustainability. 

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Guides and Checklists

  • Skeptical Science website: Created by an international group of volunteers: scientists, engineers, journalists and educators to address climate related arguments, matched to the latest science, initially in simple, layperson's language, followed by in-depth explanations with links to peer-reviewed science. One resource they provide is the Science Guide to the 'Skeptics Handbook,' which rebuts each denial offered by the handbook. Also available on the site is a Skeptical Science app which will keep users updated with the latest information on climate science.
  • Want to know about Americans' beliefs and risk perceptions towards climate change? The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication has been tracking that data for almost a decade as part of its Six Americas Project, and has it broken down by various demographics. You can find all this information, including maps and charts, on their website.

Best Practices for Communicating about Climate Change

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