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Penn State defines sustainability as: the simultaneous pursuit of human health and happiness, environmental quality, and economic well-being for current and future generations.

This comprehensive integration of sustainability into the University’s research, teaching, outreach, and operations will prepare students, faculty, and staff to be sustainability leaders.

Sustainability is a pursuit, a voyage of discovery, in which we can work together to forge solutions to the problems that are creating instability in our world. The global Sustainable Development Goals, agree to by 193 nations in 2015, provides a blueprint for a just, equitable, healthy future for all. There are 17 interlinked goals and each has a set of targets intended to be achieved by 2030. Thus, this is the decade of action.  Below are some resources to expand an understanding of the term "sustainability," how it relates to every person at Penn State, the factors threatening the quality of life for future generations, and suggested frameworks to create solutions.

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