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Green Buildings

The best place to learn about and practice sustainability is where we live. Penn State has a wide variety of locations where students, faculty, and staff can explore sustainable design.

Penn State currently has 11 LEED-certified buildings already certified with 9 more pending certification. 

medlar field at lubrano parkLEED Buildings
All new and renovated facilities at Penn State must be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. 

morningstar solar homeMorningStar Solar Home
The MorningStar Solar Home is a net-zero home: it produces as much (and even more) energy as it consumes. It is currently used in sustainable housing education efforts through research and outreach activities.

Katz buildingOnline Tours and Demonstrations
The Sustainability Institute has developed a series of online tours exploring green buildings at Penn State. From energy efficiency to waste water management, find out through these interactive tools how Penn State is making its campuses and community more sustainable.

Iconic Revitalization
The modernization of Penn State’s historic Steidle Building reinvents the campus icon as a leading-edge research environment.