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"Our students are the future generation of leaders, and so it's important for us to help them promote sustainability and to become advocates and change agents in their own right. If not us, then who?"
Chancellor, Penn State Altoona

Office Composting Roll-out Schedule

Waste management is a University priority, and office composting has rolled out in a few dozen buildings already. All residence halls will have composting starting in fall 2013, and it will be in every building at University Park in 2014.

You can check out the roll-out schedule below.

You'll receive plenty of notice from your Facility Coordinator before your building starts the program. You can also post specific questions to the möbius Yammer group with your Penn State ID.

7/5/2013 CLB Jennifer Kuhns
7/8/2013 Transportation Rsch Clark Colborn
7/9/2013 Research D Ruth Weber
7/22/2013 Music 1 David Will
7/22/2013 Music 2 David Will
7/22/2013 Cedar Gerald Henry
7/23/2013 Natatorium Mark Bodenschatz
7/23/2013 Arts Cottage David Will
8/2/2013 Theatre David Will
8/2/2013 Pasquirella Mary Edgington
8/23/2013 Chambers Gerald Henry
8/23/2013 Hort Woods Child Care Marianne Kuhns
9/6/2013 Kern Lee Erwin
9/6/2013 Keller/Mateer/Executive Ed Pamela Fuller
9/6/2013 Rackley Pamela Fuller
9/20/2013 Carpenter Pamela Fuller
9/20/2013 Sparks Christopher Hort
ON HOLD Burrowes Christopher Hort
9/20/2013 Oswald Ruth Weber
9/20/2013 Pegula Mark Bodenschatz
10/4/2013 Pattee/Paterno Ronald Servello
10/4/2013 Pond Bob Holden
10/4/2013 Moore Christopher Hort
10/16/2013 Rec Hall Mark Bodenschatz
10/16/2013 Noll Lab Pamela Fuller
Jennifer Kuhns
Ruth Weber
10/16/2013 IST Clark Colborn
Chris Fivek
10/23/2013 EES Larry Achterberg
Jennifer Kuhns
10/23/2013 Research West Larry Achterberg
Damian Rose
10/30/2013 Leonhard Clark Colborn
10/30/2013 Hallowell Clark Colborn
10/30/2013 Engineering Services Clark Colborn
11/6/2013 Walker Larry Achterberg
11/6/2013 Hosler Larry Achterberg
ON HOLD Steidle Larry Achterberg
11/13/2013 Deike Larry Achterberg
11/13/2013 Willard Christopher Hort
Karen Bryan
11/20/2013 E.E. East & E.E. West Clark Colborn
11/27/2013 Reber Clark Colborn
11/27/2013 Hammond Clark Colborn
11/27/2013 Eng Units A, B, C Clark Colborn
12/4/2013 Sackett Clark Colborn
12/4/2013 Hintz Keith Reese
Kathy Stocker
12/11/2013 Carnegie Karen Mozley
12/11/2013 Schwab Dave McCobin
ON HOLD Old Main Shelly Aina
Lori Holderman
Joseph Jones
1/8/2014 McAllister Bob Holden
1/8/2014 Grange Lori Holderman
Shelly Aina
Stan Latta
1/8/2014 White Mark Bodenschatz
Amy Mann
Marianne Kuhns
Dick Iddings
2/12/2014 Thomas Bob Holden
2/12/2014 Forest Resources Brad Smith
2/12/2014 Food Science Brad Smith
2/12/2014 Computer Building Mark Saussure
2/12/2014 Student Health Doris Guanowsky
2/19/2014 Eisenhower Parking Deck Ryan Givens
2/19/2014 Tyson Brad Smith
2/26/2014 Ag Administration Brad Smith
2/26/2014 Henning Brad Smith
Jennifer Kuhns
2/26/2014 Ag Science Brad Smith
3/5/2014 Business Building Ginger Breon
3/5/2014 Borland Dave Will
3/5/2014 Ag Engineering Brad Smith
3/12/2014 Visual Arts Dave Will
3/12/2014 Visual Art Ceramics Dave Will
3/12/2014 Stuckeman Dave Will
3/12/2014 300 Science Park Research (Raytheon) Pam Fuller
3/19/2014 Palmer Dave Will
3/19/2014 Ferguson Brad Smith
3/19/2014 Armsby/Calorimiter Brad Smith
4/9/2014 Patterson Dave Will
4/9/2014 Weaver Chris Hort
4/16/2014 Pavilion Dave Will
4/16/2014 HHD Marianne Kuhns
Dick Iddings
ON HOLD South Henderson Jennifer Kuhns
Dick Iddings
4/23/2014 North Henderson Marianne Kuhns
Dick Iddings
4/23/2014 Chandlee Clark Colborn
Jennifer Kuhns
Dick Iddings
4/23/2014 Whitmore Bob Holden
ON HOLD Mueller Bob Holden
4/30/2014 North Frear Bob Holden
4/30/2014 Boucke Shelly Aina
Lori Holderman
Stan Latta
5/7/2014 South Frear Bob Holden
5/7/2014 Althouse Bob Holden
5/7/2014 Buckhout Brad Smith
5/14/2014 Wartik Bob Holden
5/14/2014 Ritenour Bob Holden
5/14/2014 Chemistry Bob Holden
5/21/2014 Life Science Steve Briskar
5/21/2014 Eisenhower Dave McCobin
5/21/2014 Millennium Science Complex Steve Briskar
5/28/2014 Calder Square II Building Marianne Kuhns
5/28/2014 Ihlseng Cottage Ruth Weber
6/2/2014 Oak Building Mike Weaver