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Objective 4.2

Utilize both internal and external expertise in a way that continually builds communities of practice and elevates our work.

Executive Council – We will engage our Executive Council in dialogue about strategic opportunities and challenges associated with advancing sustainability at Penn State and provide them regular, timely updates on the work of the SI and the University’s progress on Sustainability Strategic Plan implementation.

Strategy 4.2.1: Meet with Executive Council members individually and as a group on a quarterly basis for reporting, discussion, and guidance.
Strategy 4.2.2: Identify, and gain their insights on, pressing strategic issues associated with the advancement of sustainability at Penn State.

External Advisory Board – We will consult with external advisors who have various types of sustainability expertise and have agreed to offer their time, talents, and/or resources in order to strengthen the work of the SI.

Strategy 4.2.3: Convene semi-annual in-person or virtual meetings with External Advisory Board members for input and feedback.
Strategy 4.2.4: Establish a governance structure for the External Advisory Board to include charter, member terms of service, governance, expectations, etc.



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