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Sustainability Institute Affiliate Program

Please fill out the following information. If you have any questions about the affiliate application process, please contact Peter Buckland ( 

Enter your primary work area
If applicable, please provide us with a link to any professional website that highlights your work.
We use the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals to help us organize Penn State's approach to sustainability. We also see these as ways to help people at Penn State find transdisciplinary communities across organizational silos, connecting to people whose work (even if not in the same field) approaches similar issues of sustainability. Please select those SDGs that most reflect your interests/expertise in sustainability. More information about the SDGs can be found at
Please select in which aspects of your work you find that you intersect with sustainability (choose all that apply).
Please enter a short biography (no more than 3 sentences) that we can include on our website or other lists of affiliates.
Please provide a few brief sentences explaining why you would like to join the affiliate program and how your work fits into the broad realm of sustainability. Indicate how your work intersects with the global SDG(s) that you have indicated are your area of focus.