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Penn State’s Sustainability Institute Affiliate Program

Sustainability, Research, Teaching, Operations, Engagement

If you are a Penn Stater involved in sustainability research, teaching, operations, or engagement, we invite you to consider becoming an affiliate of Penn  State's  Sustainability Institute. Click HERE to join. Click here to see a current list of SI Affiliates.

Penn State’s Sustainability Institute would like to recognize our extensive community of sustainability champions and doers. Through our Affiliate Program, we are seeking to support and amplify the work of faculty, staff, students and stakeholders in the sustainability realm who are developing and implementing solutions, researching, creating art, teaching and engaging sustainability. This program will:

  • Provide you easier access to the community of faculty, students, staff, and community  stakeholders at Penn State working in sustainability.
  • Acknowledge,  valorize and encouage your work.
  • Assist in developing your sustainability connections inside and outside of Penn State.
  • Bring your work to the attention of other stakeholders.
  • Encourage implementation of sustainability solutions  in our local, regional and global communities.

Over the past several years, Penn State’s sustainability community has been hard at work to meet the challenges and opportunities set forth by the global Sustainable Development Goals. These include equitably and peacefully tackling hunger, poverty, health, and issues of gender and race; providing access to nutritious food, clean water, sustainable energy, transportation, and infrastructure; and bolstering action to reduce waste, to adapt to and mitigate climate change, and to preserve ecosystems on land and below water. Affiliates are welcome from all Penn State colleges, campuses, and support units, and from all roles (faculty, staff, and student).

What will you do?

We expect you to focus on sustainability as one of your areas of teaching, research, engagement, operational and co-curricular activities and keep in touch with us, and participate in our public events.

What will we do for you?

We will amplify your sustainability-focused research; support your efforts in teaching, operations, and student and community engagement; connect you to funding opportunities; and assist you with building transdisciplinary research teams.

We are currently welcoming affiliates in 3 categories -- Faculty, Staff, and Students.

How do you become an Affiliate?

JOIN US NOW by clicking HERE.