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Objective 1.2

Create a support system that fosters the incorporation of sustainability into the curriculum in ways that provide theoretical and experiential learning opportunities for students.

Strategy 1.2.1: Design, develop, and implement faculty development opportunities for all Penn State campuses that help faculty members to incorporate best practices for sustainability education and engaged scholarship into their courses.
Strategy 1.2.2: Explore a partnership with Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, the Council for Engaged Scholarship, and other appropriate units to create a faculty development program that links engaged scholarship with sustainability.
Strategy 1.2.3: Support academic departments, colleges, and campuses that request assistance with incorporating sustainability into their curricula in conjunction with their unit-level strategic planning.
Strategy 1.2.4: Support the inclusion of sustainability in new general education requirements by providing information and advice as needed to the General Education Task Force.
Strategy 1.2.5: Fortify the Sustainability Leadership Minor by raising its institutional visibility, expanding its presence across commonwealth campuses, increasing student enrollments, codifying administrative procedures for students and faculty, and ensuring the rigor of its academic programs.



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