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Objective 1.5

Develop a maturity model framework for pilot projects and programs and institutionalize existing successful Institute pilot programs.

Strategy 1.5.1: Create a framework to identify gaps that could be addressed by pilot projects or programs. Determine the thresholds that are required to incubate and graduate or discontinue pilot efforts.
Strategy 1.5.2: Transfer Eco-Reps program leadership to another University entity, as possible. Situate Eco-Reps curriculum materials on the student-centered electronic portal.
Strategy 1.5.3: Working with the Employee Engagement in Sustainability Committee, explore ways to transform Green Teams from an Institute-effort intensive program to a distributed leadership model.
Strategy 1.5.4: Provide research and recommendations to Penn State entities (Vice President for Research, Office of Physical Plant, Environmental Health and Safety) regarding the establishment of a green labs initiative for their consideration.
Strategy 1.5.5: Transfer administration of Sustainability Leadership Minor from Old Main to the Institute, and identify additional Penn State personnel who will coordinate and administer the minor.
Strategy 1.5.6: Identify and recruit non-Institute faculty as instructors for SUST 200 and 400.



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